Much Ado About Zombies

Much Ado About Zombies

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Aug 29 '14

Anonymous asked:

No, no. Thank you for your writing and art! <3

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Aug 29 '14


The Last Phoenix is a beautiful aerial combat adventure game where you control the last remaining Fire-bird who awakens to find the world rotting away. With the once vibrant world covered in ash and frost, you must master your abilities and fight against the decay, restoring the balance between life and death.

Exploring the world of The Last Phoenix is a joy, it really is a ridiculously beautiful place, a wonderfully crafted, vast decaying cityscape full of mystery.  As the phoenix flies through the environment, frost and ash are cleared away and vegetation regrows in real time, purifying the land permanently.   It features a Metroidvania style of exploration and discovery, and aerial combat against carrion and crows, with a variety of fire and light based attacks at your disposal.

Due for release on Steam this Fall, The Last Phoenix is well worth keeping an eye on (or both of them even).  It’s a visually stunning experience that will make your eyes extremely happy.

Download the Prototype, Free

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Aug 29 '14

Calling Doctor Who cosplayers coming to Salt Lake Comic Con!

Hey everyone!

I am in desperate need of Doctor Who cosplayers who will be attending Salt Lake Comic Con next week. We have a top-secret charity event involving awesome adventures, and we need all the DW cosplayers we can get.

If you’re interested, if you know of anyone who would be interested, or if you could signal boost and get the word out to all the proper channels, that would be fantastic. Because it’s super top secret, I can’t share the details here, but just know that I already consider it the highlight of my comic con. Message me here if interested!


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Aug 26 '14

Anonymous asked:

Both! I love your L4D OCs and stories~

Awww well thank you! :) I’ll see what I can do about at least getting some writing out soon!

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Aug 25 '14

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Aug 25 '14






Its decided my life goal is now to star in an infomercial 

How do white people survive?

Is she trying to clean up that wine with a copy of Sonic 2?

All about me

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Aug 25 '14








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Aug 25 '14



Architect Student Converts Old Bus Into Luxury Rolling Home

Architect student Hank Butitta has a new home, although its on wheels. He made it with his own hands, and a little help from his friends, from an old bus he found on Craigslist.

Butitta got tired of designing buildings that didn’t exist for imaginary clients in school and wanted to work with his hands on something tangible. So he bought a bus off Craigslist and, with help from friend Justin Evidon and brother Vince, they spent nearly 14 weeks converting the run-down old bus into a sleek, modular living environment complete with a kitchen, bathroom, beds, storage, and even a floor made from wood panels stripped from an old gymnasium.



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Aug 25 '14



This guy plays the tune of Jason Mraz - “I’m Yours” using two Nokia Phone

this is so fucking relaxing

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Aug 25 '14

welcome to night vale: feels on the apache tracker (spoilers)


edit: i went ahead and emailed joseph fink after all but given his dismissal of laura and twitter post about not answering emails about the apache tracker anymore (gosh it must be nice not to have to talk about racism when you don’t want to) i am not super hopeful. if i don’t hear from him within the week i’ll post my email for the sake of posterity/transparency and so no one can accuse me of being secretly mean to the creators, because seriously i don’t think i’ve ever been so gentle about explaining why using n8vs as the butt of your joke is a not very nice thing as i was in that email.

edit 2: here’s the email and some follow up thoughts. i’m really not interested in debating this matter any further, fyi. just posting for posterity. PLEASE read this post before contacting me about this.

soooo i recently finished episode 25 of welcome to night vale and i have some feelings regarding the whole apache tracker plot. i will put them under the cut because spoilers but i will tell you right here and now that i hate this character and his plot arc. the more i think about it, the more i hate it. the more i try to imagine it from a position that is not racist or belittling, the more i fail, and hate it even more, and the more it taints my otherwise wholly positive feelings regarding welcome to night vale.

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